Frequently Asked Questions…Answered!

The Basics

What is Style Me Pretty?

Style Me Pretty started its life as a wedding blog in 2007.  It grew to be one of the largest wedding websites in the world and also launched a separate Home-related site, SMPLiving. Want more? Click here!

What happened to Style Me Pretty?

Until recently, Oath (formerly AOL) owned and operated SMP.  They sold the assets associated with Style Me Pretty back to the founders (that’s us) in April of 2018. We’re currently in the process of rebooting the brand.

When are you going to start posting content again?

For more information on our posting schedule see our transitions timeline post.

How can we get in touch with you?

We’re going to do our best to keep our Contact Us page up to date with the best ways to reach us.  Check it out.


I can’t log in to my SMP account. What should I do?

The login should be up and running within a few weeks.  See our timeline post.


Can advertisers continue their campaigns with SMP?

Advertisers who were in the middle of campaigns, please email to chat about how we can continue working together. If you are interested in advertising, just email the above address and we’ll get in touch!


Are you hiring?

We aren’t currently hiring. Unfortunately, we were not able to take the SMP team members with us as we are currently self-funding the site and are running super lean. Feel free to reach out in a couple of months though, as that might change!


What is the plan for my submission?

If you had a submission that was accepted, we will mostly likely move forward with publishing, though it might be on a timing delay as we won’t be keeping up with multiple daily posts that we did prior to taking back over. Please feel free to shop it around if you are anxious to get your post up in lights and just let us know if you’d like it removed from the editorial calendar. As a note, there may be some accepted submissions that we don’t feel are a great fit in the short term. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we can!

If you were still waiting to hear back on a submission, we will be working on getting responses to you within the next 2-4 weeks. SO sorry about the delay, it’s not indicative of what our response time will be in the future.

Can I still submit weddings, homes or events to you?

Yes! The submissions server will be up and running again by the 19th. Until then, it’s best to email your submission to Include a Dropbox or Google Drive link to your photos and a short write up. You should hear back within a week or two at the most.

I need a correction made on a post. Can I still request this?

We cannot make any corrections or changes to site right now as we are not yet in possession of the technical assets associated with the brand. Once we’re fully operational we’ll begin making corrections.  Read about our transition timeline. That said, you can send us an email now corrections now at and we’ll get to them later this month.


Can I get back into the Little Black Book / Vendor Directory?

The Little Black Book will remain in its current form for the short term. We are in research mode right now, hoping to figure out how to best relaunch our vendor directory so that it performs even better for vendors and their unique goals. If you have any feedback – positive or negative – we’d love to hear it. Reach us at We won’t be removing or adding vendors to the directory for the next few weeks to months.

Can I apply for the LBB?

We won’t be removing or adding vendors to the directory for at least the next few weeks but feel free to email and we’ll keep you info on hand so that if/when we do relaunch, we can get in touch.