The Reboot Timeline

We have received a lot of questions on timing of this amazing little reboot so we wanted to share a general look at what our timeline goals are.

We plan to be up and running on 5/19.  Expect some site hiccups through 5/26. Further details below!

office (and hands) of Gemma Bowman of Ibiza Wedding | photo by Ana Lui

5/4/18 – Posting on Facebook and Instagram will ramp up for @stylemepretty and @SMPLiving accounts.

5/11/18 – Posting on Twitter and Pinterest will ramp up for @stylemepretty and @SMPLiving accounts.

5/19/18 – Posting begins onsite at Style Me Pretty and SMPLiving.  We formally start accepting submissions again.

5/26/18 – It might take us a little time to work out bugs and transfer all images over to our servers.  We expect to be running at full speed by this date.

This timeline is an educated guess at this point so it is definitely subject to change. If you have more questions about how SMP is operating throughout this transition, check out our Transition FAQ.

If you have questions specifically about the schedule mentioned above, leave them in the comments below!


  1. Good morning (I sent this to your too – we’d been in touch this way previously),

    I hope things are progressing nicely your end with the relaunching of stylemepretty.

    One of the many reasons I originally became a member of your company, once you’d accepted me of course, was so I could also send through a blog/shooting I coordinated in February this yr, in the hope it may get accepted and published. The finished blog should be ready by the end of this mth… and I’d love to submit it to you for review.

    Would that be possible?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


  2. Many thanks indeed for relying to me via email. I have real weddings we could also do blogs on, which i’d like to put together too, but the shooting we did was to show the skills of my golden suppliers, and to show why it’s such a right decision to organise a destination wedding here with us, in the stunning Languedoc, south of France. Also I like to thank my suppliers for doing such an amazing job, they are key to a successful event. I shall share the photos and blog when it’s completed, for your thoughts. Kind regards, Anna


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