Welcome to Style Me Pretty’s REBOOT!

Way back in 2007, we had this blog called Backstage. If you’re really curious, you can actually see some of it here using the Way Back Machine. It was basically our own special place on the internet where we could talk directly to vendors and anyone that cared about the thought processes that went into the decisions that we were making at SMP and for all intents and purposes, it was pretty freaking great. But alas, we didn’t have enough hands on deck and it slowly faded into quiet.

photo by Judy Pak

But guess what. We’re back! Mainly as a way to communicate with you guys prior to re-launching but also as a place where we can be honest, we can start a conversation in a way that actually feels productive rather than just promising, we can share our insights and learn from yours so that this new reboot of SMP is more than just simply picking up where we left off. It’s thoughtful and deliberate and built around more than just intuition.

If you need a quick and dirty look at what has happened over the last 10+ years, click here. If you want to email us with questions or concerns, click here. If you want to talk shop and really get this party started, leave a comment with ideas below and we’ll make it a priority to respond quickly.

Now that we’ve drunk (drank?) far too much champagne, lay awake far too many nights with stress, fear, joy, thrill running through our brains, spent far too much time staring at each other with the shock and awe that comes from getting back a company that you thought you’d had to say goodbye to…it’s time for business, people. Let’s get to it.

xoxo, Tait and Abby


  1. Wonderful news guys. Can’t imagine how insane this whole thing has been. Excited to see what you have in store. xo


      1. Lol. All is well. I was crushed to hear the news a few weeks ago but I’m so glad you guys swept in and saved SMP!!! Good luck. Wishing you guys continued success!


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